What is Foodigree - The origin code


If it´s true that we are what we eat, then knowing the origin of our food means knowing ourselves. The food’s genealogy must become a key element for consumers when they choose what to purchase.


Equally, helping customers to make informed, responsible choices becomes an added value for producers.Quality proven, not only promised.


FOODIGREE is precisely this: a code to trace the product´s origin and to visualize it easily via a smartphone directly at the point of sale. We may call it a “code of honour” that rewards both consumers and producers.


A obvious selection rewarding producers and consumers

All food manufacturers must print on their labelling the number of the production line batch and the sell-by date; it is also compulsory keep a database where are stored the production line batch linked to the origin of the raw materials used for the final product. FOODIGREE´s innovative idea is to make the consumer aware of this information in a simple way, whilst shopping for food. This information allows an immediate, on the spot comparisons amongst products and enables consumers to make informed, responsible choices based on objective parameters that go beyond price. Quality always involves origin and the obvious selection is based on it.

Let´s discover a product´s Foodigree

FOODIGREE is a like a family tree one can easily consult. On each product´s packaging a QR code is printed which can be read by a smartphone or decoded on displays within the point of sale. In both cases, the consumer can access a website containing information on the relevant production batch which is not generic, but highly specific and detailed; thus, the consumer can appraise the quality of the product in question and the producers provide evidence of their reliability and seriousness. Foodigree gives all the information needed to do the right choice, it offers all the reliability to be chosen for.




We spread a new culture of purchase by providing the complete genealogy of each crop

We spread information to increase quality and help raise profits

We believe that technological innovation find fertile ground in the most trustworthy companies and among the most responsible consumers

From today onwards food “digital fingerprint” recognition can be done through a smartphone

Let’s learn to frame the products of the soil from a different perspective                   

We have drawn a line that bring us back directly to the origin of food ingredients

From the smartphone to the field, the origin of foods is clear as an open screen                                     

From the smartphone to the grazing, the origin of foods is clear as an open screen

Companies History

One code,more security


Alberto Paglino

Project Manager

Born in 1959, Mortara (Italy). After high school and university studies, he deepens the computer knowledge through collaborations with local companies. In 1994, he opened a software development and system consultancy for the realization of IT projects: the AlfaSoft Studio. Lately, the acquisition of Alta Tuscia Formaggi client with software application dedicated to traceability, introduced him to the world of food. This experience, combined with the curiosity of a responsible consumer, interested in quality products, led him to investigate the topic and see, as well, the birth of FOODIGREE - THE ORIGIN CODE project .

Bianca Maria Braghenti

New Business

She have origins from Mortara (Italy). Ex Buyer in the world of Italian's O.D., by choice, just for food in organizations such as DE-SPAR Italian Central, in Consorzio UNVO and Consorzio CORALIS. She has gained sales experience, in N.K.A. position, by Parmalat and Haribo. She has collaborated on "bye bye buyer, quando le donne non avevano cognome" a booklet, self-produced by Orange Adv Milan, which tells of the slow and difficult conquest of the leadership of women. She, being curious about the world of information technology as a tool to learn about the needs of the consumer, agrees to cooperate in the development of "FOODIGREE".

Cinzia Zacchia

Web Designer

Born in Milan (Italy) in 1983, daughter of a programmer. Soon she gets passionate about computer, following in her father's footsteps. She becomes computer expert and will work at the family business for several years. She specializes in building web sites, classic graphics and vector graphics. She starts a collaboration with various organizations such as the "Lions Clubs International" and "Circolo Culturale Lomellino", where she meets Alberto Paglino and they fall in a pleasant cooperation. She joined the FOODIGREE project as a programmer of the official portal, which designs and manages in partnership with Mr. Paglino.

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